The global novel coronavirus pandemic may have grounded us, but we can still enjoy happy hour. This daily series will provide delicious drink recipes for you to try at home. So call your friends for a virtual sip session and traverse the globe, even if it's only in your mind. 

Today's cocktail hails from Mexico – Michelada.

What is it?

The Michelada is the preferred Mexican brunch drink and with good reason: the refreshing beer cocktail goes down oh-so-nicely with spicy food, and yes, it even calms those throbbing hangovers. 


No one can say for certain who invented the Michelada. Mi-chel-ada most likely is an abbreviated form of the Spanish phrase “mi chela helada” (“my ice-cold brew”). The drink has long been popular along the Pacific coast and in major cities such as Mexico City and Guadalajara, but you can find it pretty much anywhere in Mexico nowadays.

You'll need

2 tbsp coarse salt 
1 tbsp chilli powder, preferably Tajín brand 
1 ¼ limes 
12fl oz (350ml) Mexican beer (light or dark) 
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce 
1 dash Maggi sauce 
2 dashes hot sauce, preferably Tabasco 
3–4 cubes of ice 


Step 1: Mix the salt and chilli powder seasoning on a plate. 
Step 2: Cut the whole lime in half and rub it around the rim of a chilled 16fl oz (475ml) beer mug or large glass. 
Step 3: Upend the glass and dip the edge in the salt and chilli powder mixture, so the edge is coated in the powder. 
Step 4: Pour cold beer into the glass, taking care not to disturb the prepared rim. 
Step 5: Squeeze the whole lime. 
Step 6: Add the lime juice, Worcestershire, Maggi and Tabasco sauces to the glass. 
Step 7: Stir and add ice if desired. 
Step 8: Garnish with the reserved lime quarter by positioning it on the rim of the glass. 

Tasting notes

When ordering a Michelada in Mexico, a waiter might ask if you prefer “clara o oscura” (light or dark) beer. Don’t worry, there’s no wrong answer. Mexican beers Bohemia, Negra Modelo and Pacífico work particularly well. A spicy Michelada is often referred to as a Cubana. Similar to a Bloody Mary, sans vodka, the Cubana’s hot sauce and chilli powder help you sweat out those party toxins, creating the perfect hangover remedy. Nothing beats knocking back micheladas in a boisterous cantina, where you can bond with locals while watching televised fútbol matches, get slap-happy playing dominoes or chow down bar grub. 

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