Since the quake of February last year, central Christchurch has changed drastically. And in the year since, as LP author Brett Atkinson wrote in his recent article and this May 2012 update, Christchurch has become New Zealand’s fastest-changing city.

That’s why, on this page you’ll find a link to LP’s new, post-quake-researched Christchurch & Canterbury chapter. This was researched by author Brett Atkinson in December 2011, and is destined for the 16th edition of the NZ guidebook, to be published in September this year.

To deliver on the promise to provide quality travel information to New Zealand, we are providing this chapter now. Get the free Christchurch chapter here.

If you have a copy of LP’s current New Zealand guide (or NZ’s South Island or Discover New Zealand), please print this PDF out and fold it inside your book. If you don’t have a copy of the LP guidebook – if you have a competitor’s guide or no guide at all – well, just print it out anyway! A gift from us to you.

We haven’t had time yet to finalise editing, nor to fine-tune our mapping, and we have not included all chapter maps, just the Christchurch ones - we wanted to pass the up-to-date information on to travellers as soon as we could. If you find anything with which you disagree, or if there are other awesome sights/eateries/bars/etc in Christchurch that you think travellers should know about, well, we’d love to hear about them!

Please post any comments or updates below or on our dedicated Thorn Tree thread.

This article was updated in May 2012.

Download Lonely Planet's new Christchurch & Canterbury chapter (PDF) for the latest.

For more ideas on what to do in Christchurch right now, read our article about shipping container chic!

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