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Argentina’s second center for quality wine production, Cafayate is a popular tourist destination but still has a tranquil small-town feel. It’s good-looking territory, with the green of the vines backed by soaring mountains beyond, and is one of northwest Argentina’s most seductive destinations. With a selection of excellent accommodations for every budget, and several wineries – from boutique upstarts to burly behemoths – to visit in and around town, it invites an extended stay.

Cafayate is famous for its torrontés, a grape producing aromatic white wines that can be a bit round when aged in oak. Thankfully there are progressive wineries in the area decoupling that traditional pairing, resulting in dry(-ish) torrontés. Bodegas hereabouts also produce fine reds from cabernet sauvignon, malbec and tannat, and some dry rosé too.

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