Domingo Molino


A small producer, perched on a gorgeous hillside overlooking the verdant valley, backed by rugged mountains, with vineyards cascading down the slopes. It bottles 21 varieties of wine here, including some bubbles. You can't taste them all, but you can sip several by choosing one of five tasting options, each with a combination of reds and whites.

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1. San Pedro Yacochuya


An atmospheric boutique winery set at the end of a dusty desert road with cacti on one side and vineyards on the other. It makes 250,000 bottles of wine…

2. Piattelli

1.27 MILES

Built as if money and space were no object, this upscale, over-the-top, US-owned winery is 3km from Cafayate. Tours show you three levels of relatively…

3. El Porvenir

3.36 MILES

This well-run family bodega has recently been taken over by the 30-something daughter, who knows how to keep good torrontés from touching corrupting oak …

4. Museo Arqueológico

3.39 MILES

This private museum’s collection was left by enthusiastic archaeologist Rodolfo Bravo and merits a visit. Sourced mostly from grave sites within a 30km…

5. Bodega El Esteco

3.46 MILES

This corporate affair on the northern edge of Cafayate is a smart and attractive winery producing some of the region’s best wines. All tours include a…

6. Finca las Nubes

3.53 MILES

Located 5km southwest of Cafayate along the road to Río Colorado (it’s signposted ‘Mounier’), this small, organic and friendly winery has a fabulous…

7. Bodega Figueroa

3.54 MILES

This tiny family winery in Cafayate produces only 10,000 bottles of torrontés and malbec per year with small hand-operated equipment. Just one wine is…

8. Bodega El Transito

3.56 MILES

A slick operation in Cafayate's center, where you can taste all seven of its wines in a room that feels like an upscale lounge.