'Quebrada de las Flechas' (Broken Arrows) is a rocky formation located at National Route 40 in Salta Province, Argentina; Shutterstock ID 1401521444; your: Sloane Tucker; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: POI

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Angastaco Natural Monument

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Just south of Angastaco, the rutted earthen highway that is RN 40 weaves through surrealist rock formations that are unofficially called the Angastaco Natural Monument. The views are stunning. Expect jagged mineral-streaked mountains laced with sandy desert trails, pockmarked rock formations ideal for bouldering, and countless viewpoints and potential campsites. Look for handmade wooden signs, fashioned by locals, which point out features (in Spanish) along the scenic drive.

This is arguably the most beautiful section of the Valles Chalcaquíes, and that's saying something.

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1. Museo Arqueológico

0.94 MILES

This little archaeological museum is in the smart municipal building behind Angastaco's church. If it's shut, ask in the offices and someone may open it…

2. Bodega El Cese

1.09 MILES

This picturesque boutique winery sits in a lovely setting 7km north of the turnoff to Angastaco. The wines are uncomplicated but tasty, and free tastings…

3. Bodegas Humanao

18.47 MILES

Some 9km beyond Colomé, and worth a visit for a delicious, balanced cabernet-malbec blend, among others wines.

4. James Turrell Museum

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Colomé Bodega boasts this stunning museum designed by artist James Turrell that features a permanent exhibition of six of his works. These are utterly…

5. Colomé Bodega

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Fine wines are produced at this ecological bodega, which is set (as they say hereabouts) ‘where the devil lost his poncho,’ 18km down a spectacular…

6. Criadero Coquera & Casa Entre Ríos

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Located 1km west of Molinos, this is where the government’s agricultural research arm raises vicuñas. You can take a tour and feed these beautiful camelid…

7. Iglesia San Pedro Nolasco

19.96 MILES

The town church, built in the Cuzco style, dates from the 17th and 18th centuries, and features twin bell towers and a cactus-wood ceiling. The Stations…

8. Centro de Interpretación Molinos

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This restored historic house has a good English and Spanish display on the region’s culture and history, and tourist information. It's also a space for…