Observatorio Astronómico

Buenos Aires

This observatory offers one-hour telescopic stargazing sessions. Call or check the website before your visit, as observation hours change depending on the season.

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1. Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales

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In the geographical center of the city at circular Parque Centenario is this excellent natural sciences museum. On display are large collections of…

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Located in Villa Crespo, this meeting spot is so much more than a bar. The concept at Casa Brandon is to promote art in the context of sexual diversity…

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The heart of Palermo Soho is Plaza Serrano, a small but popular plaza surrounded by bars and restaurants, and host to a small weekend arts fair.

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The Abasto neighborhood was once home to tango legend Carlos Gardel, and on this cobbled street off Av Anchorena is a statue of the singer.

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