Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur Northern Entrance

Puerto Madero

The northern entrance to the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur.

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2. Corbeta Uruguay

0.42 MILES

This 46m-long military ship conducted surveys along Argentina’s coast and supplied bases in Antarctica until it was decommissioned in 1926, after 52 years…

3. Centro Cultural Kirchner

0.53 MILES

It was former president Néstor Kirchner who, in 2005, first proposed turning the abandoned former central post office into a cultural center. He died in…

4. Iglesia Santa Catalina

0.65 MILES

Santa Catalina was founded in 1745, when it became Buenos Aires’ first convent. In 1807 British troops invaded the city for the second time and took…

5. Puente de la Mujer

0.65 MILES

The striking Puente de la Mujer is Puerto Madero’s signature monument. Unveiled in 2001, this gleaming white structure spans Dique 3 and resembles a sharp…

6. Galerías Pacífico

0.68 MILES

Occupying an entire city block, this beautiful building, inspired by Le Bon Marché in Paris, houses an upscale shopping center with a large food court…

7. Basílica de Santísimo Sacramento

0.68 MILES

In the shadow of the Kavanagh building is this French-style church built by the Anchorena family in 1916. Inside, check out the original tiled floor,…

8. Museo de la Policía Federal

0.71 MILES

This quirky and extensive police museum displays a whole slew of uniforms and medals, along with ‘illegal activities’ exhibits (cockfighting and gambling)…