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$426.49 Outdoor Activities

Tour of Valbona Valley, Theth and Shkoder in 4 days

Day 1 : We begin our journey toward Northern Albania, leaving Tirana early in the morning at 05:00 (Hotel pickup Included on request). Our guide and the Driver will pick you up to start the journey. At 09:00 we get on the ferry that sails right in the heart of the Albanian Alps. The Koman lake ferry trip offers some spectacular views of the Albanian Alps, waterfalls, rural villages and wild forests. Drop off in Fierza after 2.5 hours of sail in Koman Lake. As the Land Rover could not pass to Theth from Valbona you and the guide continue the sail seperatly. In Fierza (the 2nd station of the Koman lake) our other colleague pick us up and he sent us to Valbona. As the Land Rover will be back in Theth in the last day you can pack light in a small backpack and let most of your things is the car. In the last day the driver and the car will came to pick us up in Theth and beings you the rest of the bags as well. Passing through Bajram Curri, we enter the national park of Valbona Valley. After a delicious traditional lunch, we explore some of the main attractions, such as Kukaj, the farthest neighbourhood in Valbona Valley, pretty rural and remote, the “Old Mill” and the centre of the village. Overnight and dinner in the guesthouse in Valbona.Day 2 : Breakfast in the guesthouse. This would be an intense day as walk takes more than 6 hours in a remote terrain reaching Theth, but defiantly worthy! Starting the hike to Theth at 8:30 from Valbona. Panoramic picnic lunch on the top of the mountains. After arrival in Theth and a short break in the afternoon will be visited the Ethnographic Museum, the old Church and the “Lock in” Tower (symbol of Theth) and its fascinating story in centuries. Dinner and overnight in the guesthouse.Day 3 : The main destination for the 3rd day will be the “Blue Eye” of Theth and Gurna’s Canyons, formed from the Black River, which flaw out from the Black Top. The Blue Eye is formed by the erosion of rock by the water that descends from the mountains. It will be the main activity of this day since it takes more than 3 hours reaching it from the guesthouse. Picnic lunch at the “Blue Eye” park. Dinner and overnight in the guesthouse.Day 4 : Almost one hour of walk from the Guesthouse the Waterfall of Theth will be the final destination in Theth. Shkodra is the main city of Northern Albania. City tour of Shkodra when will be visited the city center, the famous pedestrian boulevard “Pedonale”, the Cathedral of Shkodra, main Mosque and the Orthodox Church. We have our final lunch (not included in the price) by the Buna River, with an amazing view of the Rozafa castle. After lunch we get on the way to the final destination, Tirana. Arrival in Tirana in the latte afternoon. Hotel Drop off on request.This is where we give you some warm greetings from Choose Balkans team and we wish to see you again next year.

$275.08 Outdoor Activities

2 days hiking and sailing tour of Valbona

Day 1We begin our journey toward Northern Albania, leaving Tirana early in the morning at 05:00. At 09:00 we get on the ferry that sails right in the heart of the Albanian Alps. The Koman lake ferry trip offers some spectacular views of the Albanian Alps, waterfalls, rural villages and wild forests. Passing through Bajram Curri, we enter the national park of Valbona Valley. After a delicious traditional lunch, we explore some of the main attractions, such as a great valley named “Lugina e Valbonës”, a fountain head called “Krojet e Ragamit”, the lake “Liqeni i Xhemës” “The old Mill” “The center of the village”, “The old school” etc.Dinner and overnight in Guesthouse. Day 2  After the breakfast we will left Valbona behind and will be faced toward Prizren. In the centre of the town, on the bank of river Bistrica, stands the house in which in 1878, the League of Prizren was held. It was an assembly of representatives of all Albanian inhabited regions that demanded autonomy from the Ottoman Empire. This event was the starting point of the Albanian liberation movement, which eventually led to the declaration of the independence of Albania in 1912. The house archives many of the documents relating to the League of Prizren. Next destination is Prizren Castle, an old fortress situated the old part of the city of Prizren. The fortress dates since the Roman years and lived until 1915, when it was destroyed during the First World War. It was built to protect Prizren from foreign attacks and consists of a great number of underground tunnels. Due to its long and interesting history, as well as the amazing view of the city, its ruins attract a great number of visitors nowadays. After visiting these two most historical objects, everyone is free to have lunch, you can choose nor a great restaurant neither a small one where you can taste homemade “suxhuk”. After lunch it’s time to travel back in Tirana capital city. This is the end of our journey. We hope you enjoyed this irreplaceable experience through rural Albania. ChooseBalkans.com thanks you for being part of our services and you are welcomed to participate in our next trip.Will be visited1) Koman Lake2) “Xhema’s” lake3) Valvona Waterfall4) Valbona Valley and Old Mill5) City Tour of Prizren (Kosovo)6) The Legue of Prizren7) The Castle of Prizren Included Dedicated transport Dedicated Professional guide Ferry Ticket One night of sleep in Traditional Guesthouse Traditional Lunch in guesthouse Traditional dinner in guesthouse Breakfast City Tour of Prizren (Tickets Included)

$52.01 Shows, Concerts & Sports

Explore Gjakova City & Valbona Valley - Full Day Tour

The tour will start from the city of Gjakova, in front of Abdullah Pasha Dreni old House (Tourist Info point) and will continue through the Grand Bazaar. On the way, we will see and visit the Shejh Emini Tekke (1730) and then continue through the Gjakova old Grand Bazaar (one of the largest monumental complexes in the region, built in the 16th century). Right at the entrance of the Bazaar we will see an old traditional stone house presenting a typical Albanian architecture of 18th century. While at Bazaar, we will stop by few artisan shops to see Albanian traditional handicrafts and then continue to visit the symbol of the city of Gjakova - Hadum Mosque, built in the 16th century, which, according to the history and legend, it marks the beginning of the city as the cultural, educational and religious center of this settlement. Our journey will then continue to Haraqia Restaurant for a coffee break (built in the 16th century, is included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage and before had served as a guesthouse for a long time). Next, we will visit the City Clock Tower (16th century) and the City's Ethnographic Museum (a museum rich in different traditional Albanian collections with a stock of around 1700 items of cultural materials found in urban and rural settlements of Gjakova region during various historical periods). The last stop in Gjakova will be at St. Ndou's and St. Pal's & St. Peter's Churches (main churches in Gjakova) on the way to Valbona Valley (in north Albania). All places in Gjakova are within a walking distance from one another. After these visits, we will have a short tea/coffee break. After Gjakova, the Tour continues to Valbona valley in northern Albania (one of the most visited national parks in Albania and the region). Gjakova is close to Valbona, driving for around 1h 20min, and on the way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing and relaxing views (villages, mountains, rivers, and many more). When arriving in Valbona, we will stop at one of the local restaurants for a lunch break. The restaurants provide fresh local traditional food, also with contemporary menus - food and drinks. There, you can walk around the amazing crystal clear river that cuts through the mountains and take pictures, live the pristine nature and enjoy the fresh waters and air. After having a great time together in Valbona, we will drive back to Gjakova and drop you off at your Hotel/s. This is where the full day Culture, History & Adventure tour in two countries ends.

$635.69 Multi-day & Extended Tours

8-Day Adventure Tour in North Albania from Tirana

This is how your adventure will look like:Day 1: TiranaAfter your arrival at the airport and hotel check-in, your guide takes you around Tirana to get a feel of this modern capital city.Day 2: ShkoderThe first stop on this tour is the birthplace of an Albanian National Hero, Kruja. Visit the Castle. After your visit at the castle, walk to the bazaar which features many traditional handmade items. Once you are finished in beautiful Kruja, head to the beach of Shengjin, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Adriatic Sea. From there you will be driven to Shkodra, the largest city in the north.Here visit the Rozafa Castle and take in the superb view of Shkodra Lake sur-rounded by mountains.Dinner and accommodation are in Shkodra.Day 3 and 4: ThethAfter breakfast you will be driven through the picturesque National Park of Theth. Then stop at Qafë Thore, a mountain pass that offers spectacular views of the Theth Valley. On arrival to Theth, spend the day in and around the area enjoying the charm of the village known for its stunning nature and traditional wooden-tiled houses.On your second day in Theth, visit some of the most beautiful natural attractions Albania has to offer. After either a 30 minute off-road drive or 2.5 hour walk, visit the famous Blue Eye, a natural phenomenon caused by the extremely cold water that flows up from deep within the ground into the warmer waters of the river. After some time at the Blue eye, visit the waterfall and the Canyon of Theth. This day of exploring nature and enjoying the outdoors will have you ready for the wonderful dinner and accommodation that awaits back at the guest house.Day 5 and 6: ValboneSpend the day traveling from Theth to Valbona. Your travel is filled with beautiful landscapes of the Valbona valley and park and a boat ride to cross Koman Lake.Lunch on the road at a traditional restaurant and visit of the old mill. Dinner and accommodation are in the Valbona guesthouse. Your second day in Valbona includes a moderate hike through the Valbona Valley National Park to the waterfall of Valbona. While you eat your picnic lunch, enjoy the view of the Albanian Alps.After enjoying the waterfalls you will hike back to the village for another delicious traditional dinner.Day 7: TiranaAfter breakfast, your journey continues back to Tirana. Once you‟ve had some time to relax and unwind at the hotel, head out into the capital city to enjoy a taste of the rich nightlife it has to offer. As you walk through the city, you will get to know some of the history of the country's capital. Day 8: AirportDepending on your flight time, our staff will escort you to the airport.

$635.69 Multi-day & Extended Tours

8 Days Local Living in the Albanian Alps

This is how your experience will look like: Day 1 - Tirana Arrive at any time check into your hotel. Depending on your arrival time you may want to enjoy a stroll around the city and start to absorb the atmosphere of this amazing country.Day 2-4 - Valbona Morning orientations in Tirana, then transfer by minibus and boat to Valbona. During the trip you will take the boat to the lake of Koman. Enjoy the boat trip to cruise the waters between Koman and Fierze. Your accommodation is a rural northern alp guesthouse in a country setting with beautiful valley views. The property has a small farm and many outdoor areas where you can relax, including a terrace. Your GL is a very keen producer of everything local and organic and loves showing visitors around the region of his ancestors.Day 5-7 - Theth Morning in Valbona then you will hike the classic pass of the Albanian northern Alps that for centuries linked the two most known valleys of the area, Valbona and Theth. Mules will carry the luggage to the next house. Several springs of water during the way will make the stops pleasant and refreshing. Free days for hiking and exploring the area, lounging at the guesthouse. Walk to the waterfall and springs. Enjoy a hands-on cooking class with your hosts, using fresh ingredients from the neighbors and the farm.Day 8 - Tirana Morning transfer from Theth to Tirana. Depart any time after 1pm from Tirana to airport, as the airplane departure.

$219.60 Outdoor Activities


Day 1:The first night you will visit the city of Shkoder, you will tour Rozafa Castle and learn more about the history and culture of the region. A castle as old as this one is worth seeing!Day 2:Early in the morning you will leave Shkodra to go to Komani Lake. You will board the ferry and explore the lake. The final destination of the ferry is a small town called Fierza. From Fierza you will take a furgon to the valley of Valbona. You will arrive in Valbona at approximately 14:00/14:30.Day3:Early in the morning you will start your hike to Theth. The hike averages 3-4 hours to the top and when you reach the top you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the two valleys below. Now down to the valley of Theth will take you 3 more hours!Day4:In the morning, after breakfast, a furgon (small van) will bring you to Shkoder. On the way back you will stop at the mountain pass called “Qafe Thore” and enjoy for one last time the view of the Valley of Theth. Upon arrival to Shkoder you can decide to spend a few extra days here (as the city has more to offer than most expect) our you could use Shkodra as a base for daily excursions around the area.