Albania in detail

Money and Costs


Lek (plural lekë); the euro (€) is widely accepted.

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €50

  • Dorm bed: €10–15
  • Double room in budget hotel: €25–40
  • Cheap meal: €2–4
  • Intercity furgon (minibus) ride: €2–7

Midrange: €50–100

  • Double room in midrange hotel: €40–60
  • Lunch or dinner in local restaurants: €4–10
  • Admission to museums: €1–4
  • Short taxi trip: €5–10

Top end: More than €100

  • Double room in top-end hotel: from €80
  • Dinner in a leading Tirana restaurant: €15–30
  • Half-day city tour €20–30
  • Car hire per day: €40–80


It’s perfectly acceptable to haggle at markets and at shops selling souvenirs. Elsewhere it’s not common. For long-distance taxi rides, haggling is definitely a good idea.


ATMs are widely available in most towns. Acceptance of credit cards is normally confined to upper-end hotels, restaurants and shops, although every year their usage becomes more widespread.

Exchange Rates

AustraliaA$179.45 lekë
CanadaC$182.95 lekë
Euro Zone€1124.40 lekë
Japan¥10097.15 lekë
New ZealandNZ$174.40 lekë
UKUK£1140.70 lekë
USAUS$1109.70 lekë

More Information

The lek (plural lekë) is the official currency of Albania, though the euro is widely accepted; you'll get a better deal for things in general if you use lek. Accommodation is generally quoted in euros but can be paid in either currency. ATMs can be found in all but the most rural of Albania's towns, and many dispense cash in both currencies.

Albanian banknotes come in denominations of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 lekë. There are five, 10, 20, 50 and 100 lekë coins.

Albanian lek can't be exchanged outside the country, so exchange them or spend them before you leave.

Credit cards are accepted only in the larger hotels, shops and travel agencies, and few of these are outside Tirana.


  • Restaurants Tipping is appreciated in restaurants (10% is normal) and expected in fancier places.
  • Bars and cafes In cafes and bars it’s polite to leave some change.