Bushman Rock Safaris


Part winery, part game reserve, part polo field, part boutique lodge: Bushman Rock has a number of faces to it. The vineyard was established in the 1930s by an Italian immigrant and today is one of the few vineyards remaining in what was Zimbabwe's primary wine-growing region. Wine tasting ($10) is available with prior notice, as are three-course lunches where you taste the estate wines before going on a game drive.

It's set on a 650-hectare property, home to giraffes, ostriches, buffaloes and zebras (among others), which you can see on a game drive or via horseback. It's a nice place to spend the night, too, with a pleasant lodge. It overlooks the polo ground, which hosts games on most weekends May to August. There are also ancient rock paintings on the premises you can visit.

It's about a 40-minute drive from Harare. If you're coming by bus, get off at the Jamaica Inn and call for a lift.

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