Munda Wanga Environmental Park is a rescue centre of sorts, with a variety of animals, including rarely seen pangolins and owls used for black magic. The park is shabby in parts with slightly dilapidated enclosures, but the animals seem well cared for. While it's a great spot for local families, for tourists you're best to head into the national parks for all your wildlife viewing. The feeding of the animals, at 2pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, is a popular time to visit.

Its lovely botanical gardens, with nearly 500 species of plants, is one of the few places in the city suitable for a picnic.

Munda Wanga is about 16km south of central Lusaka and accessible by any minibus heading towards Chilanga or Kafue from the Kalima Towers Bus Station or South End Roundabout (near the downtown Spar supermarket).