Hon Chong Promontory

Landmark in Nha Trang

Image by Michael Runkel Getty Images

The narrow granite promontory of Hon Chong offers fine views of the mountainous coastline north of Nha Trang and the nearby islands.

The beach here has a more local flavour than Nha Trang Beach, but the rubbish is unpleasant and it's beginning to attract tour groups. Still, it's fun to watch local kids do Acapulco-style swan dives into the ocean.

There is a reconstructed Ruong house (a wooden residence handmade in the traditional style of the region) and a great cafe. A taxi here from the city centre is around 35,000d.

About 300m south of Hon Chong (towards Nha Trang) and a few dozen metres from the beach is tiny Hon Do (Red Island), which has a Buddhist temple on top. To the northeast is Hon Rua (Tortoise Island), which really does resemble a tortoise. The two islands of Hon Yen (Bird’s-Nest Island) are off in the distance to the east.