Cai Be Floating Market

Market in Vinh Long
Image by Hoang Tran Minh / Getty Images

This river market is still the principal attraction on a boat tour from Vinh Long, although it has shrunk considerably due to new bridges and roads replacing river transport of goods. The market is at its best around 6am, though still might comprise only a handful of boats. Wholesalers on big boats moor here, each specialising in different types of fruit or vegetables, hanging samples of their goods from tall wooden poles. It's an hour by boat from Vinh Long.

A notable sight is the huge and photogenic Catholic cathedral on the riverside.

Most people make detours on the way there or back to see the canals or visit orchards. For those travelling on an organised tour of the delta, it's customary to board a boat here, explore the islands and moor in Vinh Long before continuing to Can Tho.