Thuy Son

Marble Mountains

Thuy Son is the largest and most famous of the five Marble Mountains, with a number of natural caves in which first Hindu and later Buddhist sanctuaries have been built over the centuries. Of the two paths heading up the mountain, the one closer to the beach (at the end of the village) makes for a better circuit. At the top of the staircase is a gate, Ong Chon, which is pockmarked with bullet holes, leading to Linh Ong Pagoda.

Behind the pagoda, a path heads through two tunnels to caverns that contain several Buddhas and Cham carvings. A flight of steps also leads up to another cave, partially open to the sky, with two seated Buddhas in it. An elevator is also available if you want to give the steps a miss (or take the elevator up and walk down). Immediately to the left as you enter Ong Chon Gate is the main path to the rest of Thuy Son, beginning with Xa Loi Pagoda, a beautiful stone tower that overlooks the coast. Stairs off the main pathway lead to Vong Hai Da, a viewpoint with a panorama of Danang Beach through scraggly trees. The stone-paved path continues to the right and into a mini-gorge. On the left is Van Thong Cave.

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