An Bang Ghost City


Covering an area of 250 hectares, the cemetery behind the fishing village of An Bang holds an incredible collection of incredibly ornate tombs and memorials, some costing hundreds of thousands of US dollars to construct. The buildings incorporate both Buddhist and Christian iconography, some of which are modelled after the royal tombs of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. Notice the detailed mosaics made from broken pottery that adorn many of the facades.

About 20km past Thuan An beach, take the left turn after the small Vinh An Hospital and follow the road till it ends.

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1. Phu Dien

6.56 MILES

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2. Bach Ma National Park

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A French-era hill station, this national park reaches a peak of 1450m at Bach Ma mountain, only 18km from the coast.

3. Thanh Toan Bridge

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5. Royal Fine Arts Museum

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7. Tomb of Gia Long

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Emperor Gia Long founded the Nguyen dynasty in 1802 and ruled until 1819. Both the emperor and his queen are buried here. Badly damaged during the…

8. Night Market

16.12 MILES

This nightly market is mainly focused on local arts and crafts, but there are also simple cafes and bars perfect for a riverside snack and a drink.