Kon Tum Kopong

Kon Tum

You may see villagers weaving baskets out of bamboo along the streets of Kon Tum Kopong village.

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Nearby Kon Tum attractions

1. Kon K'lor

0.61 MILES

Near the suspension bridge across the river you'll find a large rong in the village of Kon K'lor.

2. Kon Tum Konam

0.77 MILES

In the eastern suburbs of Kon Tum, this village has a large and appealing rong.

3. Immaculate Conception Cathedral

0.96 MILES

Built entirely from wood, this stunning cathedral from the French era has a dark frontage, gold trim and wide colonnades. Known to the locals as the …

4. Catholic Seminary

0.99 MILES

This lovely old Catholic seminary was built in 1934. The upstairs normally functions as an absorbing museum of hill-tribe life, but was closed for…

5. Kon Harachot

1.26 MILES

Kon Harachot's beautiful rong sits next to the rustic football field.

6. Kon Tum Museum

1.84 MILES

This museum is one of the region's best, with good lighting and clear English text detailing local religious and spiritual life, including displays on the…

7. Kon Jodreh

1.87 MILES

Northeast of Kon Tum, this village has a small rong and you can observe tranquil riverside activities. It's a poor place, even by local standards, so not…

8. Plei Thonghia

2.04 MILES

This village is just west of Kon Tum; you can watch local boys swimming with the cattle from the pastureland across the river.