Parque Los Caobos


One of the oldest parks in Caracas, this central green lung provides welcome respite from the concrete jungle of Parque Central.

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1. Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreño

0.05 MILES

Rising like a gigantic concrete bunker across the street from Parque Central (and linked to it by a footbridge), the Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreño is a…

2. Museo de Bellas Artes

0.12 MILES

The Museum of Fine Arts is a beautiful museum with lots of breathing room housed in two buildings, a functional modern six-story building and a graceful…

4. Parque Central

0.24 MILES

This vast housing, commercial and cultural center is a landmark at the heart of the city and includes its best museums and the country's tallest…

5. Galería de Arte Nacional

0.35 MILES

Venezuela’s largest museum began construction in 1989 but was abandoned in the mid-’90s. Architect Carlos Gómez persevered though and construction resumed…

6. Plaza La Candelaria

0.61 MILES

Since its construction in 1708 this square has been the site of popular gatherings for events such as bullfights and fiestas.

8. Museo de Arte Colonial

0.85 MILES

The Museum of Colonial Art is considered one of the finest museums of its kind in Latin America. Housed in an elegant country mansion known as Quinta de…