Lynden Pioneer Museum


Dive into Lynden's Dutch heritage.

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1. Chaberton Estate Winery

9.59 MILES

With a tasting room and winery tours ($5), one of BC's older wineries still lures plenty of thirsty visitors.

2. Vista D’oro

9.91 MILES

A delightful culinary tourism destination combining a rustic, fruit-focused farm site with a shop that sells lovely homemade preserves and wines. There…

3. Whatcom Museum of History & Art

13.26 MILES

This revamped museum is spread over three buildings: historic Whatcom City Hall (built in 1892), the adjacent Syre Education Center (photo archives, open…

4. Whatcom Falls Park

13.29 MILES

You might feel like you've wandered into the North Cascades when you venture into this enormous wooded park. The wild region bisects Bellingham's eastern…

5. SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention

13.35 MILES

This museum showcases more than 2000 exhibits relating to the early days of electricity and the golden age of radio. And if you're over 18 and willing to…

6. Western Gallery

14.33 MILES

The collection in this Western Washington University gallery includes tapestries by Alexander Calder and several paintings by key nature-focused Northwest…

7. Western Washington University

14.46 MILES

Founded in 1893 as a teacher training institute, WWU was redesignated as a university in 1977. The WWU Visitors Information Center can provide details of…

8. Fort Langley National Historic Site

16.53 MILES

The Fort Langley you see today is the second incarnation of a fort first built as a fur-trading post in 1827 at a site 4km west of its current location…