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South Georgia

Driving through South Georgia’s expansive wide-open pastures, cotton fields and fruit farms is a chance to see the ‘Peach State’ in all its glory. Surprisingly, South Georgia actually produces more blueberries and peanuts than it does peaches, and there's plenty of opportunity to experience local produce grown in these fertile parts.

Come for the region's simple, warm country-style hospitality, excellent barbecue and a number of underrated natural sights. Kayak along the untamed waters of Okefenokee’s alligator-ravaged swamp, and trek around Providence Canyon’s remarkable orange, red and purple formations. Meanwhile, visitors from around the world flock to Plains, the birthplace of former US President Jimmy Carter, and the sleepy historic town of Senoia, dubbed the 'Hollywood of the South' (it doubles as Woodbury and Alexandria in the wildly popular zombie series The Walking Dead).

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