Frontera Audubon

Rio Grande Valley

Despite the fact that it's only 15 acres and surrounded by the city, wandering the mile or so of nature trails through this well-conceived nature center feels like being immersed in wilderness. Birders will enjoy the overlook blinds over small ponds.

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Nearby Rio Grande Valley attractions

1. Weslaco Museum

0.59 MILES

Informational displays and authentic artifacts help bring to life the long history of Weslaco and the Rio Grande Valley from the Native American and…

2. Villa de Cortez

0.76 MILES

Opened on New Year's Eve in 1928 as the Cortez Hotel, this four-story beauty was the first of what would becomes many Spanish Mediterranean–themed…

3. Estero Llano Grande State Park

2.53 MILES

The geographic center of the World Birding Center properties in Texas, the 230 acres of reserve here are mostly wetlands and contain over 5 miles of…

4. Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

10.18 MILES

A self-proclaimed birder’s paradise, this 2088-acre refuge is one of the valley’s most beautiful spots. Lakes, wetlands and subtropical thorny forest…

5. Museum of South Texas History

15.03 MILES

The Museum of South Texas History covers transborder history with interactive multimedia exhibits that take visitors through frontier ranch houses and on…

6. Quinta Mazatlan

15.05 MILES

This 1930s Spanish Revival adobe hacienda is one of McAllen's best-preserved historic buildings. It also happens to be part of the World Birding Center,…

7. Arroyo Colorado

20.38 MILES

Merging two separately owned tracts of conservation land into a single 95-acre expanse, this reserve surrounding the namesake arroyo is part of the World…

8. Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum

20.61 MILES

Return to the days of Six-Shooter Junction at this modern facility, which combines several museums in one. An 1870s stagecoach inn recalls the hot, dusty…