Kerrville-Schreiner Park

Hill Country

Three miles southeast of town, this 517-acre park is a beautiful place for cycling, hiking, canoeing, tubing and camping. For lazy floats along the Guadalupe River, rent kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and inner tubes at Kerrville Kayak & Canoe.

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Nearby Hill Country attractions

1. Museum of Western Art

1.37 MILES

A nonprofit showcase of Western Americana, across the river 1.5 miles south of downtown. The quality and detail of the work, mostly paintings and bronze…

2. Schreiner Mansion

2.71 MILES

As you explore downtown, check out the opulent former residence of Charles Schreiner, the man who built half the town. The exterior stonework is…

3. Kerr Arts & Cultural Center

2.71 MILES

Step inside to catch the pulse of the Hill Country art scene. Located in the old post office, it frequently changes exhibits, which could include anything…

4. Louise Hays City Park

2.79 MILES

This 60-acre park may not be Kerrville's largest, but it's free and offers river access, shaded picnic tables, sports courts and barbecue pits. Also, as…

5. Riverside Nature Center

3.19 MILES

Near the river, at the south end of downtown, the center has walking trails, a wildflower meadow and Guadalupe River access.

6. Guadalupe Street City Park

3.91 MILES

Take a refreshing swim in the river at this spot, on the road behind the Inn of the Hills Resort. The water here is deep and not recommended for children…

7. Frontier Times Museum

19.69 MILES

For a little perspective on bygone days in Bandera, stop by these displays of Western art, cowboy tchotchkes such as guns and branding irons, and …

8. Pioneer Public Library

23.47 MILES

Check out the enormous tapestry on the 2nd floor of the beautiful library building. About 8ft by 16ft, the mixed-media tapestry highlights many of…