Bishop's Palace in Galveston, located in the East End Historic District.

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East End Historic District


Bordering the Strand, the residential East End Historic District has scores of pretty old houses, from simple cottages to Greek Revival mansions, some of which are often featured on the annual Historic Homes Tour. A good guide and map is available on the district's website or at the erratically open visitor center on the southwest corner of 15th and E.

The East End Historical District Association sometimes hosts walking tours. Contact for information.

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1. Bishop's Palace


This sumptuous Gothic mansion, built in the 1880s for the Gresham family, became home to the Catholic bishop of neighboring Sacred Heart Church in 1923…

3. Frost Bank

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This 1874 bank building has undergone several name changes over the years, and the name on the marquee still belongs to the 1923 'United States National…

5. Galveston Arts Center

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Right on the Strand, this two-floor gallery showcases contemporary artwork primarily from local artists or artists focused on local themes. It also…

6. Strand Historical District

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Strolling the historic Strand District will give you an appreciation of Galveston's glory days in the late-19th century. Commercial horse-drawn carriages…

8. Ashton Villa

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The Galveston Island Visitors Center occupies most of the ground floor of this 1858 Italianate villa, while the remainder is reserved for private events.