Stockyards Museum

Fort Worth

Parts of the venerable Livestock Exchange Building still hold offices, but the one-room Stockyards Museum celebrates local history. Displays cover famous shoot-outs and outlaws, trick riding and butchery, and there’s even a light bulb that’s said to have been burning since 1908.

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1. Stockyards

0.04 MILES

Western-wear stores and knickknack shops, saloons and steakhouses now occupy the Old West–era buildings of the Stockyards. Although it can seem touristy…

2. Fort Worth Herd

0.06 MILES

Each morning and afternoon, spectators line the street to watch cowboys wearing authentic 19th-century garb drive the 16 longhorn cattle of the Fort Worth…

3. Cattle Auction

0.11 MILES

The truly curious will want to venture into this live cattle auction, held in a totally high-tech atmosphere inside the 1902 Fort Worth Livestock Exchange…

4. Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

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Individual booths bursting with boots, hats, buckles and spurs celebrate the various inductees of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in this little museum,…

5. Sid Richardson Museum


If the Stockyards didn't sate your hunger for all things western, pop in here for some art. It's known for its striking paintings by Frederic Remington…

6. Sundance Square

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You can stroll yourself happy in the 14-block Sundance Sq, near Main and 3rd Sts. Colorful architecture, art galleries and a host of bars and restaurants…

7. Chisholm Trail Mural

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Overlooking Sundance Sq, the iconic Chisholm Trail Mural commemorates the local segment of the Chisholm Trail cattle drives of 1867-75.

8. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

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In a stunning building across from the Kimbell Art Museum, this stimulating museum displays paintings by the likes of Picasso, Mark Rothko and Francis…