Ooh Aah Point

Grand Canyon National Park South Rim

This stop along the trail 0.9 miles below the rim on the South Kaibab trail, marked by a small sign and several massive boulders, makes an excellent spot to sit and take in the sweeping panorama of the Tonto Platform and is an ideal turn-around point for summer day-hikes.

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1. Cedar Ridge

0.22 MILES

Located 1.5 miles along the challenging South Kaibab Trail, with a descent of 1040ft, this large and flat red-dirt overlook offers some of the best views…

2. Yaki Point

0.34 MILES

With dramatic views to both the east and west, Yaki Point is one of the best spots to catch the sunrise. Because it's accessible year-round by shuttle or…

3. Pipe Creek Vista

0.98 MILES

Pipe Creek Vista, an easy and pleasant 1-mile ramble along the rim, east from the Visitor Center, offers a quiet alternative to Mather Point. Views from…

4. Picnic Area

1.08 MILES

Pleasant picnic area with shade and tables but no canyon views.

5. Mather Point


Mather Point is the busiest and most popular overlook at the Grand Canyon, due in large part to its close proximity to the visitor center complex and main…

6. Yavapai Point and Geology Museum

1.74 MILES

Views don't get much better than those unfolding behind the plate-glass windows of this little stone building, but if weather allows be sure to enjoy the…

7. Trail of Time

1.75 MILES

This outdoor interpretative display traces the history of the canyon's formation – each meter equals one million years of geologic history, for a total of…

8. Shoshone Point

1.93 MILES

Walk about 1 mile along the mostly level and shaded dirt road to marvelously uncrowded Shoshone Point, a rocky promontory with some of the canyon’s best…