Fairyland Point

Bryce Canyon National Park

Off Bryce Canyon Scenic Dr, Fairyland offers views north toward the Aquarius Plateau and hoodoos at all stages of evolution, from fin to crumbling tower. This also marks the start of the Fairyland Loop Trail. To reach the point, drive a mile north of the entrance gate, then a mile east of the main road (the turnoff is marked only to northbound traffic – you won’t see it on your way into the park).

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1. Tower Bridge

1.19 MILES

With ramparts, goblins and a drawbridge, this remarkable feature is found on a little spur off the Fairyland Loop Trail. It's an excellent picnic spot…

2. Bryce Canyon National Park

1.53 MILES

The Grand Staircase – a series of steplike uplifted rock layers stretching north from the Grand Canyon – dramatically culminates in the Pink Cliffs…

3. Sunrise Point

1.68 MILES

Marking the north end of Bryce Amphitheater, the southeast-facing Sunrise Point offers great views of hoodoos, the Aquarius Plateau and the Sinking Ship,…

4. Queen Victoria

1.79 MILES

While many of the hoodoos look like various chess pieces, the Queen Victoria feature at the bottom of the Queen's Garden Trail is one of the more…

5. Thor's Hammer

2.06 MILES

This tower looks like the hammer of the mighty Thor. It's best viewed from the upper switchbacks on the Navajo Loop Trail.

6. Sunset Point

2.07 MILES

This is the nexus of the park, with easy access to the lodge, trails and other services. Aside from great views of the Silent City, this point is known…

7. Inspiration Point

2.65 MILES

A short path from the parking lot, off Scenic Drive, leads to jaw-dropping views of the Bryce Amphitheater and Silent City. This is also a top spot for…

8. Bryce Point

3.14 MILES

If you stop nowhere else along the scenic drive, be sure to catch the stunning views from Bryce Point. You can walk the rim above Bryce Amphitheater for…