Lombard Financial Center Mosaics

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A couple years ago, blighted trees in front of this bank were cut down and a treasure hidden for almost half a century was revealed: mosaics by California modernist master Millard Sheets. He designed this bank branch as a clean canvas for mosaics highlighting San Francisco history, with the modern city silhouetted by the setting sun. During bank hours (9am to 5pm), head inside to admire floor-to-ceiling artwork by Sheets' studio: dazzling stained-glass windows and curving murals covering centuries of San Francisco history.

The inscription on the mural stirs San Francisco pride even in preoccupied bank visitors: 'San Francisco: Magnetic and beautiful, grew on land once home to Native Americans, host to Spanish explorers, enricher of ranchers and gold seekers…Partially destroyed by earthquake and fire, the city grew again…Today, the spirit of the city's people is building a community both international and unique.' For more artwork by Millard Sheets, head to the Scottish Rites Masonic Center (2850 19th Ave).

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