Rainbow Honor Walk

Top choice in San Francisco

You're always in excellent company in the Castro, where sidewalk plaques honor LGBT+ heroes. The walk runs along Market St from Noe St to Casto St and down Castro St from Market St to 20th St. Portraits are etched into the bronze plaques, and many are familiar faces: civil rights activist James Baldwin, artist Keith Haring, author Virginia Woolf, disco diva Sylvester. Honorees are suitably bathed in glory every night, when they're illuminated by rainbow LEDs.

Each also has a brief bio, so you can get better acquainted with the likes of astronaut Sally Ride, trans Zuni leader We'Wha, and Iranian singer Fereydoun Farrokhzad. Some people leave offerings like flowers or notes by the plaques of their favorite icons – check the website to see who's featured where.

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