It's a case of 'thin is in' with the arrival of this 1396ft-tall, $1.3-billion residential tower by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly. Its clean, white, cubic facade inspired by a 1905 trash can by Austrian designer Josef Hoffman, the tower rises above the Midtown skyline like an impossibly slim square tube. It's currently the city's second-tallest building, upstaged only by One World Trade Center. (Measured to actual roof height, however, it's actually 28ft taller than its spire-crowned downtown rival.)

The tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere, 432 Park has 141 ultra-luxe condos with top-notch amenities, such as 10ft-by-10ft windows, wine cellars, billiard and screening rooms, private concierge service, an on-site health and wellness center with 75ft-long lap pool, a Michelin-starred restaurant and, of course, breathtaking views of all the poor suckers down below who couldn't pony up an average of $21 million for an apartment.

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