Confederate Memorial Hall Museum

Museum in CBD & Warehouse District

Tattered gray uniforms, rebel swords and faded diaries – this collection of Civil War memorabilia pays homage to the Confederacy and locals who fought for that cause. The museum used to be a center of Confederate apologia. Today it’s been largely politically corrected – note the different names it is known by – but it remains a collection of things, as opposed to a contemporary, interpretation-driven educational museum. With that said, many of the personal effects are fascinating.

Once known as the Confederate Museum, this is Louisiana’s oldest operating museum. It’s a smallish space centered in the Confederate Memorial Hall, a chamber of dark wood and exposed cypress ceiling beams with a decidedly stately vibe. The permanent exhibition is one of the largest compilations of Confederate artifacts in the country and includes lots of swords, guns, flags and uniforms. There is a lack of material relating to slavery.