Tattered gray uniforms, rebel swords, faded diaries and a lock of General Robert E Lee’s silver hair. This collection of Civil War memorabilia pays homage to the Confederacy and the local boys who fought for the rebel cause. The museum used to be a center of Confederate apologia. Today it’s been largely politically corrected, but it remains a collection of things as opposed to a contemporary, interpretation-driven educational museum.

Once known as the Confederate Museum, this is Louisiana’s oldest operating museum. It’s a smallish space centered in the Confederate Memorial Hall, a chamber of dark wood and exposed cypress ceiling beams with a decidedly stately vibe. The permanent exhibition is one of the largest compilations of Confederate artifacts in the country and includes lots of swords, guns, flags and uniforms. The most moving exhibits are the handful of displays describing local heroes or spotlighting soldiers who died in battle. There is a lack of material relating to slavery, perhaps because of the paucity of material possessions slaves could have left behind.