Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World

Museum in Garden, Lower Garden & Central City

We dare say Mardi Gras World is one of the happiest places in New Orleans by day – but at night it must turn into a terrifying fun-house. It’s all those faces: the dragons, clowns, kings and fairies, leering and dead-eyed. That said, we love touring Mardi Gras World – the studio-warehouse of Blaine Kern (Mr Mardi Gras) and family, who have been making jaw-dropping parade floats since 1947. Tours last about 90 minutes, and are given by a crew of knowledgeable, personable docents.

There are never less than 2000 props in the inventory, and the company builds about 50 or 60 new ones each year. Kern learned the trade from his father and passed it down to his sons.

If you’re staying at a nearby hotel, you may be able to catch the company's free shuttle. Otherwise, parking costs $10 in the lot beside the entrance.