Green Mountain National Forest


Occupying roughly 6.5% of Vermont's total land area, this beautiful national forest encompasses a large swath of the Green Mountains, the state's principal mountain range.

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2. Big Town Gallery

9.47 MILES

The not-so-aptly named Big Town Gallery showcases small but excellent art exhibits; it also hosts a summer-long reading series.

3. Bartlett Falls

11.74 MILES

Where do locals head when the mercury starts hitting devilish highs? One popular spot is Bartlett Falls, a heavenly swimming hole hidden just off the main…

4. Henry Sheldon Museum

11.81 MILES

This 1829 Federal-style brick mansion-turned-museum owes its existence to Henry Sheldon, a town clerk, church organist, storekeeper and avid collector of…

5. Otter Creek Falls

11.84 MILES

The village of Middlebury grew up around the broad falls of Otter Creek, whose roaring waters provided power for a number of 19th-century mills. For…

6. Middlebury College Museum of Art

12.02 MILES

This small but diverse museum presents rotating exhibitions alongside a fine permanent collection that includes an Egyptian sarcophagus, Cypriot pottery,…

8. New England Maple Museum

18.72 MILES

This tiny museum traces the history of maple sugaring in Vermont. Read about how Native Americans discovered that maple sap cooked on an open fire…