Wingaersheek Beach


The biggest and best of Cape Ann's beaches is Wingaersheek Beach, a wide swath of sand surrounded by Ipswich Bay and guarded by Annisquam Lighthouse.

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1. Paper House

3.56 MILES

In 1922, long before there was any municipal recycling program, Elis F Stenman decided that something useful should be done with all those daily…

2. Cape Ann Museum

3.59 MILES

This small museum is a gem – particularly for its paintings by Gloucester native Fitz Henry Lane. Exhibits also showcase the region's granite-quarrying…

3. St Peter’s Square


Don’t leave Gloucester without paying your respects at St Peter's Sq, where Leonard Craske’s famous statue Gloucester Fisherman is dedicated to ‘They That…

4. Stage Fort Park

3.74 MILES

There are two lovely, small beaches at Stage Fort Park: the picturesque Half-Moon Beach and the more remote Cressy’s Beach. The latter is a bit of a trek…

5. Maritime Gloucester

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Visit Gloucester's working waterfront and see the ongoing restoration of wooden boats, watch the operation of a marine railway that hauls ships out of the…

6. Cogswell's Grant

3.88 MILES

This Colonial-era farmhouse dates from 1728, and is furnished and decorated with all manner of 'country arts' from the era. The home is the product of six…

7. Crane Beach

3.96 MILES

One of the longest, widest, sandiest beaches in the region is Crane Beach, with 5.5 miles of fine-sand barrier beach on Ipswich Bay. It is set in the…

8. Rocky Neck Art Colony

4.09 MILES

The artistic legacy of Gloucester native Fitz Henry Lane endures, as Gloucester still boasts a vibrant artists community at Rocky Neck Art Colony. In…