Autumn Trees at Walden Pond

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Walden Pond

Boston's Western Suburbs

Henry David Thoreau took the naturalist beliefs of transcendentalism out of the realm of theory and into practice when he left the comforts of the town and built himself a rustic cabin on the shores of the pond. His famous memoir of his time spent there, Walden; or, Life in the Woods (1854), was full of praise for nature and disapproval of the stresses of civilized life – sentiments that have found an eager audience ever since. The glacial pond is now a state park, surrounded by acres of forest preserved by the Walden Woods project, a nonprofit organization.

Walden Pond lies about 1.7 miles south of Monument Sq, along Walden St (MA 126) south of MA 2. There's a swimming beach and facilities on the southern side, and a footpath that circles the large pond (about a 1.5-mile stroll). The site of Thoreau's cabin is on the northeastern side, marked by a cairn and signs.

The park gets packed when the weather is warm; the number of visitors is restricted, so arrive early in summer.

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