Checking flights...


The Minneapolis–St Paul International Airport, 10 miles south of central Minneapolis, is a major regional hub, with direct connections to cities around the United States. Delta Airlines operates direct flights to/from Europe. The airport has two terminals, Lindbergh and Humphrey, with most airlines operating from the former. Always double-check the correct terminal when purchasing tickets.

Both terminals have ATMs and car-rental agencies. The Blue Line light-rail service (regular/rush-hour $2/2.50, 25 minutes) is the cheapest way to get to downtown Minneapolis. Taxis cost around $45.


Greyhound runs frequent buses to Milwaukee ($30 to $40, seven hours), Chicago ($35 to $45, nine hours) and Duluth ($25 to $30, three hours).

Megabus ( runs express to Milwaukee ($40 to $45, 6½ hours) and Chicago ($45, 8½ hours). It departs from both downtown and the university; check the website for exact locations.


Amtrak chugs in to the gleaming Union Depot in nearby St Paul. Trains go daily to Chicago ($35, eight hours) and Milwaukee ($30, seven hours).