DY5FWE USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis, skyline from the University of Minnesota

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University of Minnesota


This is one of the USA's largest campuses, with some 50,000 students. Most of the campus is in the East Bank neighborhood. Washington Ave SE and Oak St SE is the bulls eye, thronged by coffee shops, fast-food joints and ethnic eateries. A smaller part is on the West Bank of the Mississippi River, near the intersection of 4th St S and Riverside Ave. This area has a few restaurants, some student hangouts and a big Somali community.

The Washington Ave Bridge connects the two halves (note that the bridge's bottom deck is reserved for cars, the top deck for pedestrians and bicyclists).

Another popular area is Dinkytown, located at the campus' northern edge (at 14th Ave SE and 4th St SE), which is dense with student cafes and bookshops.

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