Hancock Shaker Village

The Berkshires

This evocative museum illustrates the lives of the religious sect that founded the village in 1783. The Shakers believed in communal ownership, the sanctity of work and celibacy, the latter of which proved to be their demise. Known as the City of Peace, the village was occupied by Shakers until 1960. At its peak in 1830, the community numbered some 300 members.

Twenty of the original buildings have been restored and are open to view, most famously the Round Stone Barn (1826). You're free to wander about on your own, watch demonstrations of Shaker crafts and hike up to Mt Sinai where the Shakers went to meditate. Seeds Market Cafe serves Shaker-inspired meals and snacks made with fresh produce from the onsite heirloom vegetable and herb gardens. The village is 5 miles west of Pittsfield, just off US 20.

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