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North Maine Woods

If you were to fly over Maine's Great North Woods at night, you'd see barely a twinkle of light below. This is one of America's truly impressive wildernesses, a vast expanse of dark forest, raging rivers and herds of moose. Human settlements feel almost incidental here.

Not surprisingly, outdoor activities are unrivaled in the region. You could spend days hiking, canoeing and camping in Baxter State Park, or head off on moose-watching safaris, scenic flights and lake cruses across the aptly named Moosehead Lake.

The North Woods is logging country. In the 19th century, Maine's legendary lumberjacks floated logs down the rivers in massive 'log drives,' until the practice polluted the water and the drives were replaced by trucks. The woods here are crisscrossed by rough logging roads, which are often used by hunters and outdoor adventurers with 4WDs.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout North Maine Woods.