Saint Louis Cemetery Number 1 in New Orleans, one of the oldest cemeteries in the USA.

St Louis Cemetery No 1


This cemetery received the remains of many early Creoles who were buried above-ground in family tombs due to the shallow water table. Cemetery visitation is limited to relatives of the interred and approved tours, which can be arranged via Save Our Cemeteries and booked via that organization's website.

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Nearby Tremé-Lafitte attractions

1. Mortuary Chapel

0.08 MILES

A fear of yellow-fever contagion led the city to forbid funerals for fever victims at St Louis Cathedral. Built in 1826 near St Louis Cemetery No 1, the…

2. Congo Square


In Louis Armstrong Park, Congo Sq was a Sunday gathering spot for slaves under the French Code Noir. For one day of the week, the enslaved could sing the…

3. Louis Armstrong Park

0.26 MILES

The entrance to this massive park has got to be one of the greatest gateways in the US, a picturesque arch that ought rightfully to be the final set piece…

4. Museum of Death

0.27 MILES

If death is your thing, or you have an interest in serial killers, the Museum of Death will not disappoint. Starting with skulls (both animal and human)…

5. Hermann-Grima House

0.28 MILES

Samuel Hermann, a Jewish merchant who married a Catholic woman, introduced the American-style Federal design to the Quarter in 1831. Hermann sold the…

6. Musical Legends Park

0.31 MILES

This pleasant little public square is peppered with statues of some of New Orleans’ great musical heroes: Louis Prima, Chris Owens, Pete Fountain, Al Hirt…

7. Louis Armstrong Statue

0.33 MILES

This statue of the iconic jazz trumpeter greets visitors as they enter Louis Armstrong Park.

8. Lafitte Greenway

0.37 MILES

This 2.6-mile green corridor connects the Tremé to City Park via Bayou St John, traversing the length of the Tremé and Mid-City along the way. It's a…