MOCA Grand is dwarfed by the soaring California Plaza office towers. The outdoor water-court amphitheater is host to Grand Performances, which is one of the best free summer performance series in the city.

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1. Wells Fargo Center

0.08 MILES

Featuring two granite polygonal skyscrapers connected by a three-story atrium, this 1983 office complex is the work of renowned Chicago architecture firm…

2. MOCA Grand

0.13 MILES

MOCA's superlative art collection focuses mainly on works created from the 1940s to the present. There's no shortage of luminaries, among them Mark Rothko…

3. Broad

0.18 MILES

From the instant it opened in September 2015, the Broad (rhymes with 'road') became a must-visit for contemporary-art fans. It houses the world-class…

4. US Bank Tower

0.18 MILES

Although the spire-topped 73-story Wilshire Grand Tower is technically LA's tallest building by architectural height, the 1018ft US Bank Tower remains the…

5. Bunker Hill Steps

0.19 MILES

The US Bank Tower abuts the Bunker Hill Steps, a cheesy set-piece staircase (there's an escalator, too) that links 5th St with the Wells Fargo Center and…

6. Million Dollar Theatre

0.19 MILES

The first theater built by Sid Grauman of Chinese Theatre and Egyptian Theatre fame. While the top floors were designed by Albert Carey Martin Sr (co…

7. Bradbury Building

0.21 MILES

Debuting in 1893, the Bradbury is one of the city's undisputed architectural jewels. Behind its robust Romanesque facade lies a whimsical galleried atrium…

8. Pershing Square

0.25 MILES

LA’s first public park in 1866, Pershing Sq is now a postmodern concrete patch enlivened by public art, summer concerts and a holiday-season ice rink…