Ballona Wetlands

Nature Reserve in Venice, Marina Del Rey & Playa del Rey

These last remaining wetlands in LA County are home to at least 200 migrating and resident bird species, including the great blue heron. Their habitat, however, has shrunk significantly since Playa Vista, a much-debated custom-planned luxury community for about 11,000 residents, took root across Lincoln. Still, the developers get points for restoring and expanding the healthiest intact marsh, which has seen increasing bird activity.

Wetlands are the unsung heroes of the natural world. They clean silty rivers before the water trickles into the sea, provide shelter and hatcheries for birds and fish, and are extremely difficult to restore and protect in an increasingly urbanized world.

The Ballona Wetlands are west of Lincoln Blvd, around the corner of Jefferson Blvd. Park on the south (eastbound) side of Jefferson Blvd.