Frankfort Cemetery

Bluegrass Country

American pioneer and Kentucky folk hero Daniel Boone, whose adventures led him to settle present-day Kentucky, is buried on a hilltop in Frankfort Cemetery overlooking a gorgeous view of the city's historic downtown and the Kentucky River. The grave is shared by his wife, Rebecca. Pick up a map at the cemetery's main office.

Boone's grave is steeped in both legend and controversy. Boone, who died in 1820, was originally buried in an unmarked grave in Missouri. In 1845, his remains were said to be interred and reburied here, which ticked off Missouri to no end, eventually leading to a legend that the wrong grave was interred. Although there is no evidence such an event occurred, a forensic anthropologist in 1983 declared crude remains of Boone's skull could be that of an African-American slave.

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