Old Pali Hwy

Windward Coast

On the Honolulu side of the island, you can make a scenic side trip along a remnant of the Old Pali Hwy, now called Nuʻuanu Pali Dr. The road runs through lush vegetation and a cathedral of trees draped with hanging vines and philodendrons. You can make this interesting detour heading in either direction when traveling over the modern Pali Hwy. Look out for Nuʻuanu Pali Dr road signs pointing east of the new Pali Hwy.

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Nearby Windward Coast attractions

1. Queen Emma Summer Palace

1.01 MILES

In the heat and humidity of summer, Queen Emma (1836–85), the wife and royal consort of Kamehameha IV, used to slip away from her formal downtown Honolulu…

2. Lyon Arboretum

1.77 MILES

Beautiful walking trails wind through this highly regarded 200-acre arboretum managed by the University of Hawaiʻi. It was originally founded in 1918 by a…

3. Royal Mausoleum State Monument


Known as Mauna ʻAla, or Fragrant Hills, in Hawaiian, this is the final resting place of Hawaii's two prominent royal families, the Kamehamehas and the…

4. Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside Park

2.14 MILES

The best free view in Honolulu! At this hillside park, sweeping views extend from Diamond Head on the left, across Waikiki and downtown Honolulu, to the…

5. Spalding House

2.27 MILES

Embraced by tropical sculpture gardens, this art museum occupies an estate house constructed in 1925 for Oʻahu-born Anna Rice Cooke, a missionary…

6. Mānoa Heritage Center

2.39 MILES

Hidden on a private estate, the centerpiece of this unique site is the ancient, stone-walled Kūka‘ō‘ō heiau (temple). It's surrounded by beautiful…

7. Manoa Chinese Cemetery

2.45 MILES

The Lin Yee Chung Manoa Chinese Cemetery is on a knoll nestled on the eastern slopes of the Manoa Valley. Founded in 1852, with all the design elements of…