The USS Arizona Memorial straddles the sunken hull of the battleship without touching it.

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Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Top choice in Pearl Harbor & Leeward O‘ahu

One of the USA’s most significant WWII sites, this National Park Service (NPS) monument narrates the history of the Pearl Harbor attack and commemorates fallen service members. The memorial is entirely wheelchair accessible. The visitor center at the main entrance is the hub for visits to Pearl Harbor’s other parks and museums.

The memorial grounds are much more than just a boat dock for the USS Arizona Memorial. Be sure to stop at the two superb museums, where multimedia and interactive displays bring to life the Road to War and the Attack & Aftermath through historic photos, films, illustrated graphics and taped oral histories. A shoreside walk passes signs illustrating how the attack unfolded in the now-peaceful harbor.

The bookstore sells many books and movies about the Pearl Harbor attack and WWII’s Pacific theater, as well as informative illustrated maps of the battle. If you’re lucky, one of the few remaining, 95-plus-year-old Pearl Harbor veterans who volunteer might be out front signing autographs and answering questions.

Various ticket packages are available for the three attractions that have admission fees. The best deal is a seven-day pass that includes admission to all. Tickets are sold online at, at the visitor center ticket counter, and at each attraction.

A virtual reality attraction allows visitors to don headsets ($5, 8am to 3pm) and walk the decks of the pre-war USS Arizona, experience the Pearl Harbor attack and visit the USS Arizona Memorial (good for people who can't get a ticket).

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