Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor


Many fishing charters depart from here.

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Nearby Lihuʻe attractions

1. Alekoko (Menehune) Fishpond Overlook

0.58 MILES

This roadside overlook offers an oft-photographed vista of the Huleʻia Valley, where the Huleʻia River winds beneath a ring of verdant peaks. The river is…

3. Kalapaki Beach

0.92 MILES

This sandy beach and sheltered bay is tucked between a marina and the mountains. It's overlooked by the Marriott resort, which faces the bay, and by an…

4. Running Waters Beach

1.22 MILES

You don't want to swim here (the surf is often too rough), but the water is pretty and there are some good tide pools nearby. Access is by a very steep…

5. Grove Farm

1.23 MILES

Once ranked among Kauaʻi's most productive sugar companies, Grove Farm was acquired in 1864 by George Wilcox, the Hilo-born son of Protestant missionaries…

6. Ninini Beach

1.29 MILES

Accessible from the grounds of the Ocean Course at Hōkūala, this gorgeous beach is perfect for a picnic (but bad for swimming because of sometimes rough…

7. Ninini Point Lighthouse

1.55 MILES

Surrounded by rugged coastal scenery, this slender whitewashed lighthouse was built in 1906. It's been automated, so alas, no lighthouse keeper. You can…

8. Huleʻia National Wildlife Refuge

1.68 MILES

On the north side of the Huleʻia River lies the 240-acre Huleʻia National Wildlife Refuge, a breeding ground for endemic waterfowl. The refuge is closed…