Hukilau Beach

North of Laʻie Shopping Center is a crescent of white sand that’s a leisurely place for swimming when summer waters are calm. Just beware any time the surf’s up.

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1. Malaekahana State Recreation Area

0.35 MILES

The long, relatively uncrowded beach with buff-colored sand is popular with families. Swimming is generally good here year-round, although there are…

2. Laʻie Temple

0.48 MILES

In 1919 Mormons constructed a smaller but still showy version of their Salt Lake City, UT, temple here at the foot of the Koʻolau Range. It was the first…

3. Mokuʻauia

0.64 MILES

When the tide is low you can wade from Malaekahana State Recreation Area's southern Kalanai Point to Mokuʻauia (Goat Island), a state bird sanctuary about…

4. Laʻie Point State Wayside

1.04 MILES

Crashing surf, a lava arch and a slice of Hawaiian folk history await at Laʻie Point. The tiny offshore islands are said to be the surviving pieces of a…

5. Polynesian Cultural Center

1.15 MILES

A cultural park owned by the Mormon Church, the PCC revolves around Polynesian-themed ʻvillages’ representing Hawaii, Samoa, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Fiji,…

6. Laʻie Beach Park

1.58 MILES

A half-mile south of the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) main entrance, this is an excellent bodysurfing beach, but the shore break can be brutal, thus…

7. Kokololio Beach Park

2.11 MILES

A wide patch of sand, good surf and decent parking make this a great beach to pause for a picnic and a splash. There's a wide lawn, picnic tables and…

8. Kahuku Farms

2.89 MILES

Take a tractor-pulled wagon tour through the taro patch and fruit orchards at this family farm – sampling included. Then stop at the gift shop for bath…