Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park


Pretty much at the center of Hanalei Bay, this scenic beach park commands a white-sand crescent just made for walking or jogging. Waters are typically not as calm as beside the pier, but swimming and paddling are usually possible in summer. Facilities include restrooms and outdoor showers. There’s only a small parking lot, but street-parking spaces are often available.

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1. Hanalei Bay

0.37 MILES

Hanalei Bay is Kauaʻi's postcard-perfect beach, embracing surfers, paddlers, bodyboarders and beach bums alike. It's a perfect crescent of golden sand…

2. Black Pot Beach Park (Hanalei Pier)

0.41 MILES

The short easternmost stretch of Hanalei Bay, alongside the rivermouth, usually offers the calmest surf among the wild North Shore swells, and is popular…

3. Waiʻoli Huiʻia Church


The green clapboard Wai‘oli Hui‘ia church stands on a huge manicured lawn just west of central Hanalei, against a beautiful mountain backdrop. It was…

4. Waiʻoli (Pine Trees) Beach Park

0.52 MILES

Offering respite from the sun, this park is equipped with restrooms, outdoor showers, beach volleyball courts and picnic tables. Winter brings big swells,…

5. Waiʻoli Mission House

0.64 MILES

Home to missionaries from 1837 onwards, this historic two-story dwelling lies hidden from the highway at the far end of a footpath that leads behind Wai…

6. Hanalei Plantation Road Lookout

0.81 MILES

This spectacular overlook commands views over not only the Hanalei River and its valley, but also the bay and its beaches. To reach it, simply follow…

7. Puʻu Poa Beach

0.81 MILES

Lovely little Pu‘u Poa Beach stands immediately below the Princeville Resort, on the edge of Hanalei Bay. It’s a great spot for family swimming and…

8. Waikoko Beach

0.94 MILES

Protected by a reef on the western bend of Hanalei Bay, sandy-bottomed roadside Waikoko beach – literally ‘blood water’ – offers shallower and calmer…