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The best ski areas you've never heard of

7 min readPublished Oct 1, 2020

Here are five ski areas that you probably haven't heard of but are worth considering for your next adventure.

Mount Bohemia may be far from everything, but the runs are steep and the powder is deep and the lack of crowds means fresh tracks all day long
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8 Adrenaline-Filled U.S. Trips for Teens

7 min readPublished Nov 5, 2019

Teens want exhilarating adventures they can share, gram and brag about to their friends. We've got you covered. Here are eight of our favorite high-octane trip ideas for teens in the U.S. 

SLO is filled with fun-filled activities for the whole family, plus it is the happiest place on earth, consider it teen Disneyland © Erin Gifford / Lonely Planet
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Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: spectacular in all seasons

6 min readPublished Sep 30, 2016

Life has a languid quality in the stunning landscapes of the Upper Peninsula (called the UP by visitors, and its residents are known as Yoopers)…

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: spectacular in all seasons