St Augustine Beach

St Augustine

This white-sand beach almost gets lost in the historical mix, but hey, it's Florida, so a visit wouldn't be complete without a little bit of sun and surf. There's a visitor information booth at the foot of St Johns Pier, where you can rent a rod and reel (two hours for $15). About three blocks south of the pier, the end of A St has – as Florida goes – some fine waves.

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1. Anastasia State Recreation Area

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Locals come to escape the tourist hordes at this terrific park, which is a beautiful quilt of estuarine marsh, maritime forest, boardwalk paths and sandy…

2. Alligator Farm Zoological Park

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3. St Augustine Lighthouse

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4. Oldest House

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7. Plaza de la Constitution

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8. Lightner Museum

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Henry Flagler's former Hotel Alcazar is home to this wonderful museum with a little bit of everything, from ornate Gilded Age furnishings to collections…