Coconut Grove Playhouse


Built in 1927, this is Miami’s oldest theater, which sits in the heart of the Grove. Back in the day this was a grand dame of a building, with a snazzy marquee and a celebrity vibe balanced by a good deal of artsy cred: Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot had its US premiere here in 1956 (the show was apparently a disaster).

Sadly the theater was shut down during its 50th-anniversary season due to major debt issues and still sits, today, like a sad shell over Main Hwy. As of early 2017, plans were underway to restore the 300-seat playhouse, which will be run by the award-winning theater company GableStage when it opens again (probably 2020 at the earliest). In addition, a second and larger (700-seat) theater will be constructed in the back.